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Ayersville High School Career Café

Career Café
Dear Ayersville and Surrounding Communities,

    Ayersville High School is currently seeking community members and/or business partners who are willing to help provide valuable information to our high school students about career opportunities within our own community/surrounding communities.   Unfortunately, with Covid-19 guidelines, we are not currently allowing visitors in the school building.  However, we are interested in utilizing our virtual technology capabilities to still allow for connection between our community businesses and our students, possibly through Zoom sessions or pre-recorded videos.

    We would like to educate our students on a variety of careers from the 16 different career cluster categories of:

  1. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  2. Architecture and Construction
  3. Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications
  4. Business, Management, and Administration
  5. Education and Training
  6. Finance
  7. Hospitality and Tourism
  8. Human Services
  9. Information Technology
  10. Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
  11. Manufacturing
  12. Marketing, Sales and Service
  13. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  14. Government and Public Administration
  15. Health Science
  16. Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

    If you or your business are interested in speaking virtually with the students at Ayersville High School about your career path, your business, and/or other career opportunities, please contact Ayersville High School Guidance Counselor, Augusta Niese, at
aniese@ayersvillepilots.org or 419-395-1111 Ext. 102.  We can then discuss details about how to move forward with a simple presentation and how it could benefit both the students and our local economy.

Thank you!


Augusta Niese, High School Counselor

Ayersville High School

aniese@ayersvillepilots.org, 419-395-1111 Ext 102